The Real WWOOF Experience : An Interview With Raphi

Want an inside look at the WWOOF experience without the sugar coat?

Ready for the pure uncensored truth about what it’s really like working on organic farms all over the world?

Then this podcast episode is for you.

I was lucky enough to have a chat with Raphi from Dirty Vagrant. She has WWOOF’ed in Europe, Africa and many other places all over the world.

During the show, Raphi provides some ridiculously useful advice that can help any current or newbie WWOOFer.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • What types of organic farms to work on and how to find the best farm stays
  • What happened to Raphi when she was stranded in a village in Ghana with a man named Bongo and the worst WWOOF experience she had
  • The #1 red flag you need to be aware of when choosing farms to volunteer on
  • Why staying on farms for longer periods of time makes for a better WWOOF experience
  • How to WWOOF with and without a visa
  • Why setting clear expectations before you arrive to a farm is so important
  • Why actually being interested in farming is so vital
  • And much more….

Go ahead and give it a listen. And if you enjoyed it, please leave us a review on iTunes.

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