Living in Alignment, Capturing Magic, and Being a Citizen of the World with Ernest White II

Are you where you need to be right now in life? 

Today I’m joined by Ernest White II to learn about the value of living in alignment and following your creative pursuits.

Ernest has circumnavigated the globe six times. He’s a storyteller, explorer, executive producer, and host of the television travel docuseries Fly Brother with Ernest White II. 

In this episode, Ernest talks about his life as an ex-pat, the importance of joy and celebrating life, his perspective on trusting in your vision, and the struggles of carving your own path. He shares his thoughts on overcoming doubt and fears, his experience producing and hosting a successful travel TV show, and what he loves most about the cultures he’s visited. 

How can travel bring you more into alignment? I’d love to hear your thoughts and hope you will share them by sending me an audio message.

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Tune in to Learn:

  • Why Ernest decided to move to Vancouver
  • How the physical and cultural environment impacts his creativity
  • Expansion, leaning in, and the support of others
  • Operating from integrity rather than fear
  • The traveler’s advantage and experiencing the romance of life 
  • Establishing a foundation of trust and safety
  • Ernest’s experience growing up in Florida, Disney World, and visiting Sweden as a teen
  • Finding the balance between “what’s next” and living in the “now”
  • Connecting through language and Ernest’s experience learning Portuguese and Spanish
  • Ernest’s most standout experiences while filming Fly Brother
  • How traveling for a shoot vs. personal travel changes his relationship with a place
  • What “the world is our tribe” means to Ernest 
  • Ernest’s three favorite adjectives as a writer
  • The destinations he’s dying to go to and the most adventurous thing he’s ever done
  • Ernest’s most treasured travel memories 
  • Why a passion for living is more prevalent in certain cultures
  • And so much more


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