Top 5 Hidden Gem Film Locations For Travelers w/ Rebecca Almost Ginger

Do you have a passion for film and a love for travel? Why not combine them with today’s guest, Rebecca Sharp from, as we countdown her top 5 hidden gem film locations for travelers. We are getting into cinematic tourism, more reasons to spark that travel wanderlust, and why combining two passions together (passion mashin) can be amazingly fulfilling.

What are your favorite film locations & excuses for travel? If so, let me know by sending me an audio message (please) or shoot me an email over at [email protected].

Today’s episode is being sponsored by the amazing folks over at Tortuga Backpacks which, you know, are my favorite backpacks in the world.

Tune In To Learn:

  • 06:50 The American Summer Camp Counselor Experience
  • 08:20 UK vs US Cultural Differences via TV & Film
  • 14:00 Passion Mashin + An Excuse To Travel
  • 17:30 Why A Passion For Film?
  • 21:50 Building A Business Based On Cinematic Tourism
  • 28:00 Overtourism Due To Film & TV Lovers
  • 34:00 Number 5: Obscure In England
  • 36:25 Number 4: Well Known In France
  • 40:35 Number 3: The Island Life
  • 43:30 Number 2: Bond, James Bond
  • 47:20 Number 1: The Home Of Fantasy & Magic
  • 51:40 Honorable Mentions
  • 52:50 Jason’s Honorable Mentions
  • 55:05 Working At A Hostel
  • 58:00 For The Love Of Film Festivals
  • 01:00:45 What Fictional Character Would You Spend The Day With?
  • And so much more


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