How To Find Life Changing Seasonal Jobs

Please Note: At the beginning of this travel podcast I share part of my personal story. No worries if you aren’t interested, just skip ahead to the interview with Bill which starts around the 15-minute mark.

“A seasonal job can be a really good opportunity to hit the reset button if you need to.”
-Bill Berg Founder Cool Works

Finding fun seasonal work is one of the best ways to kickstart any adventure.

For many people, one seasonal job turns into a way of life. Yes, a job washing dishes or pumping gas could change your life (seriously!). Bill graciously shares how it changed his, and some fantastic advice as well.

Give this travel podcast a listen and you’ll learn:

  • How seasonal jobs can transform your life in many ways
  • Why pumping gas in Yellowstone National Park changed Bill’s life forever
  • What you can do to stand out from other candidates
  • Why seasonal jobs can be a great option for anybody of any age
  • Which visas to look into if you want to work in the USA but are not a citizen
  • How seasonal work can support your travels
  • Tips on which jobs will help you save more money
  • And much more!…


Cool Works
Visa Information (J1, H2-B, and Q1) – Permission to work in the USA for international workers.

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