Top 10 European Food Experiences With Kenny Dunn From Eating Europe

What better way to experience and connect with a culture than through its food?

Today I’m joined by Eating Europe founder Kenny Dunn to learn how travel led him to discover his passion for food and get expert insight on the top 10 authentic food experiences you don’t want to miss when visiting Europe.

Since 2011, Eating Europe has guided over 300,000 travelers to the best local eats in 10 of Europe’s greatest cities, allowing them to discover where locals go out to eat, hear the stories behind each dish, and interact with the people who make these iconic foods.

In addition to Kenny’s highly-curated list, we’ll dig into his entrepreneurial journey and how his failed around-the-world adventure ultimately led him to start the first food tour company in Rome. You’ll also learn how he discovers these places so you can enjoy more authentic food experiences and meet more locals anywhere in the world yourself! 

What’s your favorite food memory? Which of Kenny’s top 10 are you adding to your bucket list? I’d love to hear what they are, and I hope you’ll share them by sending me an audio message.


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Tune In To Learn:

  • What kickstarted Kenny’s life of travel and entrepreneurship, and why he abandoned his around-the-world trip
  • What it was like WWOOFing in New Zealand and Australia and how it allowed him to reconnect with himself
  • How grad school led him to Italy, and why he decided to leave his job at the UN to start a food tour company 
  • Why a barista can be your best guide for finding local food and tips on crafting your own authentic dining experience
  • The incredible Italian street market that blends European and African cultures
  • The top two cities for exploring Europe’s historic beer culture 
  • Why every foodie should visit Amsterdam, and what internationally-diverse city has the best Chinese 
  • The surprising destination that’s been making wine for thousands of years (Hint: It’s not Italy or France!)
  • How Big Mitch and soft pretzels inspired Kenny to start his business and advice for entrepreneurs
  • And so much more


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