Discovering The Hidden Europe with Francis Tapon

Are you considering a trip to Eastern Europe?

For this week’s episode, I’m pulling one of my favorite shows from the archive!

Francis Tapon has a travel resume that inspires all of us to get out there and explore. He is the author of many renowned books, is an avid backpacker and slow travel junkie, and someone who has never owned a television, couch, bed, or spaceship (and is most disappointed about the last one).

In this episode, we dive into Eastern Europe, the beautiful benefits of slow travel, and why connecting with locals (not your phone) is so important to your overall experience.

What hidden spots have you added to your list? I’d love for you to share your thoughts by sending me an audio message.

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Tune in to Learn:

  • The meaning of ‘wander learn’
  • Who is Francis Tapon?
  • Comfort zones and epic hiking trails
  • Living below your means and choosing life
  • Techniques for saving money
  • Becoming a writer
  • Hidden Europe
  • Meeting locals through couchsurfing
  • Why Eastern Europe?
  • Where to visit in Eastern Europe and where Francis would live
  • Married life and travel
  • The writing process and Unseen Africa
  • Relationship with technology
  • Upcoming destinations to visit now
  • And so much more


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