How To Protect Yourself Against Scams, Identity Theft, and Fraud While Traveling w/ Adam Levin

Have you ever fallen prey to a scam or had your information stolen? 

This week I am joined by cyber security expert and host of What the Hack podcast, Adam Levin, to discuss exactly what you need to know to provide a defense against hackers and scammers.

If you have a cell phone number, credit card, or email address then you need to hear this episode. Adam shares his expertise surrounding protecting your personal information whether at home or abroad with simple breakdowns like “minimize, monitor, manage” and so much more.

What steps are you going to take to prioritize your online security? I’d love to hear what they are and hope you will share them by sending me an audio message.

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Tune In To Learn:

  • How Adam got started in the podcasting world
  • Why the East Coast will always have a place in Adam’s heart
  • What lead Adam Levin down the path of cyber security
  • The best resources for people to better understand their cyber security status
  • Why you should consider a burner phone when traveling to certain countries
  • Best practices for keeping the information on your phone safe when in public
  • How to “lie like a Super Hero” and why it will help you stay secure
  • Tips and tools for maintaining cyber security where it counts
  • The importance of reading reviews before you use your credit card
  • What it means to never trust, always question, and always verify
  • Why the ATM machine you use matters
  • Memorable hacker stories
  • And so much more


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Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

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