Travel Safety Tips: Staying Safe On The Road

What travel safety tips have you used?

Have you ever wondered what you should do if you find yourself being held at gunpoint, or being robbed, or caught in a natural disaster, or some weird scam, or one of the other numerous things that can happen when you travel?

Everyone’s definition of safety is different and I want you to be safe when you are traveling.

Tune in today to get some great practical and actionable advice from a true expert; Faith Kohler.  She is a former US federal agent (with experience in crisis management and response) who is here to give you guidance around how to research a trip, what to plan beforehand, and how to behave when you reach your destination.

Maybe you don’t think anything is going to happen to you when you travel, but the travel safety tips in today’s show might just save your life.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to take your fears and turn them into empowerment
  • Ways to get a broad overview of different areas of the world
  • Things you can do to look like a traveler (instead of a tourist)
  • How to be more in control of your destiny
  • One tactic to help you observe and see what is going on around you
  • The proper response to stay safe (in different situations)
  • Recommended safety devices to use
  • Simple ways to think ahead and prepare
  • How to carry your belongings to avoid possible theft
  • Why it’s a good idea to go to a place frequented by locals
  • And so much more


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