Work Exchange: How to Travel with Purpose with Ricardo Lima from Worldpackers

How can volunteering abroad enhance your travels?

Today, I’m joined by Ricardo Lima, founder of Worldpackers, to talk about how you can get the most out of your work exchange experience.

Worldpackers is an online platform that connects travelers looking to exchange their skills for accommodations with incredible hosts from around the world and has facilitated more than 140,000 exchanges in 140+ countries. 

In this episode, Riq shares why he left his successful career as an investment banker to travel the world and eventually found one of the largest work exchange platforms for travelers. You’ll gain insight into how these types of programs work on both the volunteer and hosting side, common concerns and misconceptions, and why volunteering abroad is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a culture and experience deep transformations.

We also talk about the state of the hostel industry, why he moved his company from a hostel to a van, and his best business advice for someone who wants to create something bigger than themselves.

Have you volunteered abroad, or are you considering a work exchange program? I’d love to hear about your experience and hope you’ll share by sending me an audio message.


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Tune In To Learn:

  • How the hostel industry has shifted since Covid and the pros/cons of hostel life
  • Why Riq left his successful career as an investment banker to travel the world and the lessons he learned from 3.5 years of travel
  • How you can travel for a purpose with Worldpackers and general advice for work exchange
  • How to address the #1 concern for travelers looking for work exchange programs
  • Why your mindset can make or break your experience
  • Why volunteering abroad isn’t only for budget travelers
  • How these programs create opportunities for cultural immersion and connection
  • The biggest lessons he’s learned from building his company and scaling to have a bigger impact (for both solopreneurs and partnerships)
  • Riq’s advice for investing, facing conflict head-on, and managing remote teams
  • And so much more


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