Travel Tactics Part 5: How to Travel Indefinitely: Zero To Travel Podcast

In this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, we’re bringing you part 5 of Travel Tactics- welcome back! This is the second edition of how to travel indefinitely.

This series gives you a three-pronged attack to building a life around long term travel- free flights, inexpensive accommodations, and how to work from the road and earn an income on the road.

Learn from those that have truly been there, done that- Travis Sherry from Extra Pack of Peanuts, Nora Dunn from The Professional Hobo, and Rob from Making It Anywhere.

You will Learn:

How to travel indefinitely
How your state of mind determines your feelings about travel
Which credit cards maximize your ability to use miles (to travel anywhere!)
Five things to look for when choosing a travel credit card
The best cards to get when you are first starting out
How you can extend your travel (with one specific strategy)
How to spend a small amount of money on accommodations (for long periods of time)
The first thing you need to do to find a ‘house sit’
Why you don’t have to leave your family behind when you travel
How to decide where to travel when running a business
How to separate tourism and building a business
Top hot spots around the world for digital nomads
What to expect your first year running a business from the road
How to detach yourself from an outcome (to truly learn and grow)
And much more!


Einstein: His Life and Universe
Tortuga Backpacks
Extra Pack of Peanuts
Professional Hobo
Working Road
How to Get Free Accommodation Around the World
Trusted House Sitters
House Carers
Mind My House
Making It Anywhere
Find A Nomad

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