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We exist to help you travel the world on your terms.

Whether you are a newbie traveler thinking about your first international trip, a seasoned nomad or someone in between – my mission here is to help you fill your life with as much travel as you desire, no matter what your situation or experience.

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Transitioning From “Normal” Life To Long Term Travel Ain’t Easy

You should know that this isn’t your typical – “Hey I quit my job to travel the world and now you can do it too!” resource.

So long fantasyland – this is freakin’ real life.

What I mean is, there are some people out there that make it sound so damn simple.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe it’s 100% possible to change your life to include more travel – it’s just NEVER as easy as it seems on the surface.

And that’s ok!

If you value travel it’s worth the effort.

Here you’ll get the no bs, real world advice and tools you need to travel the world for as long as you desire.

You can create a lifestyle where you have the flexibility to travel for 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years or even endlessly without having to give up work you love, relationships, family, creative pursuits or anything else you don’t want to let go of.

Listen, if you are here, I know you love to travel. Or at least the idea of it.

If travel is something you love, why shouldn’t you try to fill your life with as much as you want?

Who are you?

Are you in a job you hate and need out?
Perhaps you love your work but feel unchallenged or bored?
Have a big time career and large paycheck you are worried about leaving behind?
Or no job and no money?
Maybe you are someone who has a nagging gut feeling that you have to get out and see the world?
Or you might be an experienced traveler who came home and settled back into ‘reality’ and realized it ain’t for you.
Maybe you’re traveling right now and looking for a way to keep going?
Or preparing for your first trip.

No matter where you are in life – we all have one thing in common when it comes to realizing our dreams, goals and visions:


I’m guessing you are ready for some kind of change now or in the near future.

And change is hard.

Dreams go unrealized when people get stuck for too long.

I’m here to make sure you don’t get stuck.

This Won’t Be Easy…But It Will Be Worth It

I can’t know you exact situation but it doesn’t matter.

The important thing is that you are ready to do something different and add more travel into your life.

But, there are countless things you worry about when it comes to quitting your job or rearranging your life around travel…

  • What will you do about money?
  • Are you committing career suicide?
  • What will friends and family think?
  • Are you destroying you future?

The worries stretch beyond the horizon, an ocean filled with fear, anxiety and concerns about the future.

I’ve been there (too many times to count), and know it’s not easy.

Know this, you don’t have to give up working, money or your future!

There are many ways to travel the world, I’m here to help you figure out how you can ditch your current job or just start a new chapter in your life, one filled with more travel and adventure.

How My Experience Will Help You

Before I regale you with ‘my story’ you need to know something important.

You can travel the world for as long as you desire no matter what your situation or experience.

By being here right now I believe that you are committed to making a change today that will add more travel into your life.

And it’s never a question of if things will change (they always do) but if you will be the one who decides what those changes are.

Congratulations for taking control of going after what you want!

My Story In Under One Minute

Now, let me quickly share my story. Jump in the DeLorean, ramp up to 88 MPH and let’s head back to December of 1997.

Do you see me?

Yeah, I’m that sad, depressed lump laying on my Mom’s couch.

I just graduated college with $20,000 in debt and a pipe dream to see the world.

You can hear me thinking, “How the hell can I travel the world when I have less than nothing and have never more than 1000 miles from home?”

Here’s the deal, back in 1997 I had

No money.
No car.
No job.
Plus, I was out of shape and living at my Mom’s house.

It sucked!

How did I turn things around?

In late January of 1998 I made a decision that would alter my life path forever.

This one mindset shift can help you do the same.

I fully committed to taking a 2 month trip to Europe.

Committing to travel changes everything you do.

Bumping travel to the top of my priority list completely changed my approach to everything.

Instead of searching for a job and hoping I would travel someday I begin only looking for work that would allow me to travel.

Everything else got pushed to the bottom of the list.

The idea of trying to establish a career.
Finding the best paying job or the most prestigious.
Outside of basic needs I stopped buying stuff.

Suddenly, heaps of things our culture somehow deemed ‘important’ suddenly didn’t fit in with my goal to travel.

Ultimately I landed a job working as an event tour manager, traveling the USA and spending over a decade traveling non-stop.

Since then I’ve saved money and traveled all over the world in many ways including:

– Backpacking on a budget Working fun jobs that require travel (tour manager for a band, event marketing tour manager, adventure travel guide)

– Running online businesses from around the world (The Paradise Pack, Location Indie, Zero To Travel)

– Consulting

– Living Abroad as an ex-pat in Norway

– Volunteering

And other random ways from being voluntarily nomadic and homeless to car camping, hitchhiking and more!

There are so many ways you can travel the world it’s insane – simply discovering how you want to do it is the key to taking the first steps towards ditching your current job and filling your life with as much travel as you desire.

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I look forward to staying in touch!

Yours in adventure,


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