Transition to Travel with Maxwell Lee

Do you ever wonder if the idea of long-term travel or the nomadic lifestyle matches up to the reality of it?

This is another episode in my Transition to Travel series where I interview someone before they head off to travel and catch up with them months later to see how it panned out!

In today’s audio journey, I’m joined by my friend, Maxwell Lee. During the first part of this episode, you’ll learn why they decided to travel through the US and Mexico and move to Taiwan. You’ll hear about their anxieties going into the trip and how they’ve been preparing for this huge life change. We’ll then fast-forward to almost a year later and talk about their experience with being a nomadic family and what it was like to settle down in Taiwan.¬†

What fears can you tackle first to build momentum toward your travel goals? I’d love to hear your thoughts and hope you will share them by sending me an audio message.


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Tune in to Learn:

  • Maxwell’s plans for traveling the US and Mexico and moving to Taiwan
  • The interesting travel visa he acquired, the pursuit of music, and real estate investing
  • What lead to the decision to leave the states
  • The emotions and fears of moving abroad
  • His thoughts on returning home and renting their house
  • Advice on travel insurance¬†
  • The Financial Independence Retire Early movement
  • How their travel plans turned out
  • Their experience being a nomadic family
  • The pros and cons of slow and fast travel
  • How to find childcare while traveling
  • Maxwell’s highlights of traveling in Mexico¬†
  • Worldschooling and deciding what’s right for your family¬†
  • Settling into life in Taiwan and the struggles of being away from family
  • Maxwell’s advice for long-term travel and ex-pat life
  • And so much more


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