Hiking the Camino De Santiago, Painting Your Travels, Letting Curiosity Rule, and Tiny House Living with Kari Gale

Have you ever experienced a trip that changed your perspective on life?

Today, I’m joined by Kari Gale to learn about her experience hiking 500 miles from the French border into Spain on the Camino De Santiago and the unique way she journals her travels. 

Kari is an artist specializing in capturing the narratives of journey, food, and travel through pen, ink, and watercolor. From her tiny house in Portland, Oregon, she works as an author, illustrator, and creative mentor to others who want to document their stories through journal art.

Kari’s perspective on life and travel provides valuable insight for any journey, big or small. Kari shares her experience hiking the Camino De Santiago, the profound effects of documenting your travels with a paintbrush, the importance of staying curious, her commitment to minimalism, and so much more.

What have you carried home from your travels? I’d love to hear your thoughts and hope you will share them by sending me an audio message.

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Tune in to Learn:

  • The struggle of working as an artist and balancing business with creativity
  • The story of Kari’s pilgrimage and how her illustrated books came to be
  • Finding the harmony between passion projects and making a living
  • How drawing enhances your travels and the importance of being present
  • Kari’s thoughts on having intention behind a trip 
  • Valuing curiosity over expectation and processing trauma
  • What being a pilgrim means to Kara and forming a bond with others
  • The spiritual experience of a pilgrimage
  • Kari’s perspective on minimalism, deciding to live in a tiny home, and her advice on downsizing
  • How Kari overcame impostor syndrome as an art teacher
  • And so much more


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