How A Year Of Travel Can Change Your Life Forever: One Band’s Story w/ Jim and Sam

What have you committed to in life?

Today’s guests are Jim and Sam a singing duo who left everything behind to travel for a year, visiting 14 countries with the commitment to playing a show every single day (that’s 365 shows in a row!). They made a documentary on this journey called After So Many Days which is a raw personal account of this challenge, their first year of marriage being on the road, and so much more so make sure you check it out.

In this episode, we are breaking down the importance of following your intuition, how you can be filled with some much purpose in a tiny moment out on the road, how travel can align you with your ‘why’, and why it is so nice to find the things that can take you away. Thank you so much for joining us, now sit back and enjoy this melodic episode with plenty of nuggets of wisdom to help you along on your own journey to travel and living a life that you connect with wholly.

What are you most committed to doing in your life? What is your first step in that ‘wooaction’? Let me know by sending me an audio message (please) or shoot me an email over at [email protected].

Tune In To Learn:

  • 09:00 Sucked Into The Scandinavian Vortex
  • 13:30 Love In Los Angeles
  • 17:00 How Cultures Affect The Music & Performances
  • 21:30 The Evolution Of Performances
  • 23:50 Parallels Between Travel & Live Music
  • 26:15 Importance Of Following Your Intuition
  • 28:25 Creating The Box For Freedom
  • 30:45 Finding Purpose In Those Small Moments
  • 36:00 Truth Behind Committing
  • 40:45 Using Uncertainty To Fuel Confidence
  • 44:00 Advice For Going All In
  • 48:10 Inspiring Others In Your Circle
  • 53:40 Reflecting Back On Lessons Learned
  • 58:35 Finding The Things That Take You Away
  • 01:05:20 Knowing When A Song Is Done
  • And so much more


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