The Best Of Argentina w/ Jackie Nourse

In light of our current restrictions, we are doing some armchair travel today. I am so grateful to my great friend Jackie Nourse from The Budget-Minded Traveler & Traveling Jackie who has come on to talk about one of my favorite countries in the world, Argentina. Listen as we both geek out on the time we’ve each spent there, the places we love as we share our notes on this gorgeous place. We get into some of the places you might want to consider visiting (or living), costs of living there, what you can expect and so much more. Join us we take a deep look into the world’s 8th largest country in terms of size, Argentina.

Tune In To Learn:

  • 08:50 How To Fall In Love With Argentina
  • 13:05 The Essence of the Argentinian People & Language
  • 21:45 The Must Do’s Of The Northern Region + Wine
  • 26:40 The Gateway To Patagonia + Craft Beer + Outdoor Adventures
  • 34:30 What Are Refugio’s & Those Epic Hiking Trails
  • 39:30 Logistics & Costs For The Budget-Minded Independent Traveler
  • 45:55 The Spots That Are Jackie’s Favorites in the Patagonia Area
  • 50:15 The Southernmost Point In The World (Or Is It?) & Indiana Jones Type Adventures
  • 52:30 Let’s Talk Digital Nomad Life in Argentina & The Costs of Living
  • 58:30 Jackie’s Top Travel Tips & Tricks For Argentina
  • And so much more


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