How To Buy International Real Estate 101 w/ Jon Sterling

Have you fallen in love with a location so much that you wanted to live there?

Are you driven by the idea of buying international real estate but just not sure how it all works?

Jon Sterling from (formerly specializes in international real estate for buyers, sellers, and agents. If you have ever had an interest in moving abroad, investing in another country, or plan to buy/sell real estate outside your own country then this episode is a must-listen because you will learn who this is and isn’t for, common mistakes & how to avoid them, plus so much more.

What are the places that you would want to move to? What have been the biggest hurdles that have stopped you from doing so? Share your thoughts by sending me an audio message.

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Today’s episode is being sponsored by my awesome friends over at Athletic Greens which have helped me immensely in feeling better and getting healthier.

Tune In To Learn:

  • 11:30 How Jon Got Involved In The International Real Estate Market
  • 13:45 What Is & Off-Market Properties
  • 16:55 Working & Living In London + How Travel Has Changed Him
  • 22:45 Who Shouldn’t Consider Buying Abroad
  • 25:55 How To Get To Know A Market You Aren’t Familiar With
  • 29:25 Methodologies For Figuring Out The Legalities For Overseas Property Purchases
  • 32:30 How Do Short Term Rentals Affect The Overall Picture
  • 36:00 Common Mistakes On Buying Abroad
  • 45:00 Taxes, Loans, & The Financial Side
  • 51:55 Property Management When You Are Not There
  • 54:20 Trends In The Market
  • 01:00:05 Does Your Timeline Match Up With Your Opportunity
  • And so much more


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