How To Buy Real Estate Internationally and Find Your Own Slice Of Paradise with Taylor White

If you’ve ever dreamed about buying your own slice of paradise overseas, this travel podcast is for you. Taylor White from International Real Estate Listings breaks down how to find and purchase your dream place in any country.

Give this travel podcast and listen now. You’ll learn:

  • Where the real estate hot spots in the worlds are
  • The importance of understanding your motivation for buying
  • How to find good investment opportunities
  • The worst mistake Taylor made with real estate overseas and how you can avoid it
  • What things you should consider before you buy real estate overseas
  • How to decide between buying and renting
  • What pre-construction deals can do for you
  • How to find good potential properties online
  • What pre-completion is and why it might be a good time to buy
  • What the safest type of international real estate deal is
  • Which strategies to use to buy real estate with less money
  • And much more!


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