How To Go To College For Free w/ Jenn Viemont

Has college seemed like an unaffordable dream? Do you or your kids want to experience Europe & get a great education while you are there?

Today’s guest is Jenn Viemont from Beyond The States, a website dedicated to finding very affordable (sometimes free) college educations for anyone looking to get a Bachelor’s or Masters’s degree while living and exploring Europe. Sound too good to be true…it’s not! Jen and I talk all about the ins and outs of education in Europe, why you may be running towards something and not away from something, and how your relationship with the current culture you live in may not be fulfilling for you.

Are looking to explore the opportunities for college educations in Europe? What would be the main reason you would go? Let me know by sending me an audio message (please) or shoot me an email over at [email protected].

Tune In To Learn:

  • 10:30 Becoming An Expat & Getting A Visa
  • 13:45 Finding The Culture That Fits You
  • 17:30 Running Towards Something
  • 21:30 Changes That Happen To You Abroad
  • 24:20 Side Hustle To Success
  • 29:10 101 On Degree Programs In Europe
  • 35:05 Balancing Tuition & Cost Of Living
  • 36:40 Programs of Study In Europe
  • 38:15 What Is The Difficulty In Getting Into The College
  • 40:25 How Far In Advance Should You Prep For This
  • 43:40 Quality Of Education vs American Colleges
  • 48:30 The Fulfilling Nature Of This Work
  • 50:40 How Beyond The States Works For You
  • 54:40 You Can Go Back To School Too (You Don’t Have To Be Right Out Of High School)
  • 56:45 Getting Loans For College
  • 57:45 Favorite University Cities
  • And so much more


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