How to Get a Remote Job with Jordan Carroll

Need help landing your dream remote job? Considering becoming a digital nomad but not sure where to start? Look no further than Jordan Carroll, AKA The Remote Job Coach! 

After landing his dream job working for Remote Year, Jordan now helps job seekers level up their game by teaching them an effective strategy to land legitimate remote job opportunities without the traditional application process.

In this episode, Jordan and I talk about some considerations for becoming a remote worker, how to test the remote work and digital nomad lifestyles, and why it’s important to define fulfillment for yourself. He also shares the secret to how he secured his dream job and actionable strategies to help you do the same! You’ll learn his step-by-step process for assessing and landing remote jobs, why interviews start well before the actual interview, and his systemized approach to networking and building relationships that can lead you to incredible opportunities.

Whether you’re seeking remote work, are an established entrepreneur, or want to take your current work on the road, this episode is packed with a TON of value you don’t want to miss! 

What was your biggest takeaway from this episode? I’d love to hear your thoughts and hope you’ll share them by sending me an audio message.


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Tune In To Learn:

  • Jordan’s nonlinear journey to location independence and how remote work drastically improved his lifestyle
  • His experience working with Remote Year and a hack to land any job you want
  • How you can try on the digital nomad lifestyle
  • The process of defining fulfillment and why it’s important to check in with yourself
  • Why you need to stop applying for jobs and what you should do instead
  • Jordan’s strategy for creating your own luck and making the LinkedIn algorithm work for you
  • His top advice for interviewing online and creating genuine connections
  • How to answer questions and create stories that make an impact
  • How to negotiate your salary to get paid as much as possible
  • And so much more


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Photo credit: The Remote Job Coach

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