Everest Excellence: An Interview With Ellen Miller – Inspiring Female Adventurers Series

What is your most outlandish travel dream? What would you do if you could go anywhere and do anything?

In today’s Zero To Travel Podcast, I’m bringing you the second installment of our Inspiring Female Adventurers Series.

Today’s guest, Ellen Miller, has some incredible athletic accomplishments. To highlight a few:

  • She is the first American woman to summit Everest from both sides (north and south)
  • The first American woman to climb the Himalayan triple crown
  • Named Colorado woman of the year in 2002
  • Has summited every 14,000+ foot mountain peak in CO (there are 53 of them!)

On top of that, she is an accomplished endurance athlete coach, adventure racer, Nordic skier, and mountain runner.

She also gives back as the founder of the Climb for Literacy. In this podcast, Ellen shares a TON of advice on travel, athletics and what it takes to climb the biggest mountain in the world.

Listen to Learn:

  • The most important thing about a travel dream
  • Why being told “go outside and play” can help with adventure
  • How to leverage your accomplishments to provide amazing experiences for others
  • How to keep climbing after hip replacements
  • What it really takes to make climbing Everest a truly enjoyable experience
  • How to mentally prepare for climbing Everest
  • Advice to get started on your Everest quest
  • Why you should thank your mother for her genetic gifts (if you perform well at high altitudes)
  • How to change the neural pathways of your brain
  • Top recommendations for staying fit while traveling
  • And much more!


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