Enjoy The Process Of Everything With Dylan Magaster

What are some of the skills that are related to travel but may not be so obvious? What is the #1 skill you should get your head around that is not directly related to travel BUT can help you build your life around travel?

What keeping an open mind can do for your life and relationships is one of the hot topics for today’s episode with Dylan Magaster who has lived quite a life including living out of his car, van, and now, on a boat. With only a $1000 in his pocket when he started out on the road he learned to enjoy the process, how chance encounters can guide your journey, why you should be putting yourself in positions to develop skills that can translate to other aspects of life, and how being enveloped in other cultures can help you construct your life. We are getting into it all so settle in, sit back, and relax as I chat with my friend, Dylan Magaster.

I am so excited to partner with HomeExchange.com who makes it possible to see the world without paying for accommodations. Make sure you listen to the entire podcast to get the promo code to save you some extra cash when you get your first exchange.

What was your biggest takeaway from this episode?  Send me an audio message (please) or shoot me an email over at [email protected].


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