What the F@*# is Event Marketing?

Event Marketing

What is it?
Is this something you would enjoy doing?
Would you love to travel non-stop for months at a time?
Why work in event marketing?
To answer these important questions you need a little breakdown on what this industry is all about.


Also known as “experiential marketing”, “promotions” or “mobile marketing”, Event Marketing consists of a live interactive event involving some kind of experience for the general public.
Companies want to create a way for people to interact with a brand or service and experience it first hand.
Since we are bombarded with a ridonkulus amount of advertising daily, this is one of the best ways for brands to connect with potential customers.
Events can also be designed to promote to other businesses known as B2B (Business to Business). The event experience is created to engage the consumer and promote products or services in a unique way.
A few examples of places where event marketing is present to promote products and services include: traveling exhibits, trade show booths, festivals, concerts, on the street promotions, charity events, product sampling in stores, and many, many other things.
Many events travel all over the USA, and they need people like you to travel with the event and work.

A Growing Industry

Traditional media and advertising continues to change direction as brands compete for the ever-dwindling attention span of consumers. Corporate brands have increasingly been turning to creating events to promote their brand or service. As television ads and other media get less attention, brands realize that creating a one-on-one experience with consumers is one of the best ways to connect.
Because of this trend, event marketing is a growing industry. Career opportunities will only increase as the industry blossoms.

Things You May Be Hired For

You can be hired to represent a brand, product or service in the field at events all over the country.
This can involve handing out samples, greeting guests, managing hospitality, educating the public on a product, collecting data from consumers, demonstrating how a product works, and countess other things.
Here is a list of various roles and the types of events you may be hired to work and types of events you may work.
I spent over 10 years working as an event marketing tour manager, traveling all over the USA, living in hotels and saving more for overseas trips between work contracts.
They say a pictures is worth a bunch of words or something like that, so here are a few from my various tours:
Want to learn more about how to break into event marketing touring with zero experience or money?
I wrote a whole book about it!
You can find it at Jobs In Event Marketing if interested.
Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 1.05.33 AM
To get an entire overview on getting paid to manage events nationwide, check out the event marketing trail map for part 2 of this series and more.

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