What it Takes to Build a School w/ Adam Braun

I have some very exciting news for you in today’s podcast. It relates to a personal dream of mine that has come true thanks to you – the Zero To Travel Podcast listeners!

I also interview Adam Braun, the founder of Pencils of Promise – a for-purpose charity that builds schools for children who wouldn’t otherwise have access to an education.

Listen in to find out how Adam’s background helped him start Pencils of Promise, how Pencils of Promise runs, and how you could build a school with Pencils of Promise.

You will learn:

  • The personal dream that’s come true for Jason, thanks to the Zero To Travel listeners
  • How travel had an impact on Adam’s life and career
  • How Adam’s background helped him start Pencils of Promise
  • What a “for-purpose” organization is
  • The story of Pencil of Promise’s first school build
  • How Pencils of Promise decides where to build schools
  • How donations to Pencils of Promise work and where they go
  • The heart-forward decisions Adam has been making recently
  • The challenges Pencils of Promise is facing
  • Creative fundraising ideas
  • A common misconception people have about Adam
  • The story of Adam’s very first student
  • How you can raise the money to build a school

Resources Mentioned

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