Unplugged America

Do smartphones enhance the travel experience or do they ruin the travel experience?

Tune in to get unplugged in today’s show.

Please welcome back my friend, Caz Makepeace from one of the most popular family travel websites around, ytravel. They also have plenty of awesome resources for all travelers even if you don’t have a family.

Caz and her family are currently on a road trip called “America Unplugged,” and it is all about discovering the REAL America. They just started their journey in March and are headed to all 50 states in 3 years- Awesome!

Will you help them travel like locals and discover what really makes America beautiful?

Tune in now to see how you can help.

You’ll Learn:

  • How liberating it was without a smartphone (in travel and life)
  • The benefits of technology and the new sharing economy
  • Ways to enjoy the spontaneous joys of travel
  • Cool ways for you (or your children) to be creative
  • How kids can learn while traveling (think homeschooling)
  • A wonderful way to start your day
  • How to hear your inner voice
  • Tips to have the best American road trip
  • And so much more!


Featured image courtesy of ytravelblog

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