Travelosophy and Adventures In New Zealand

Why is travel important to you?

In this travel podcast, Nathaniel Boyle from the Daily Travel Podcast and I dive deep into the mental side of travel and why imagination may be the most important quality a traveler can possess.

Along the way, Nathaniel shares his approach to travel, why the mindset of an explorer is key and how pushing past your comfort zone can lead to the most authentic travel experiences.

Any desire to do anything in your life is an opportunity to do it right now. – Nathaniel Boyle

You’ll be shocked at what happened to Nathaniel after he trespassed on a farm in New Zealand.

Give the show a listen now and you’ll also learn:

  • How to approach a trip mentally
  • Nathaniel’s thoughts on ‘authentic’ travel
  • What an explorer mindset means and how it can help you
  • How to make bizarre experiences the new norm
  • Why curiosity is so important
  • And much more!

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