Travelosophy: Gratitude: Zero To Travel Podcast

In today’s Zero To Travel Podcast, I’m bringing you episode two of Travelosophy.

In this series I share thoughtful questions around long-term travel and/or travel as a lifestyle choice for any period of time.

These questions I pose in this series have no right or wrong answer and my thoughts are my travelosophy or travel philosophy.

I’d love to hear what you think. Email me, send me a message on twitter, or leave a comment below if you want to add to this discussion.

Special shout out to Tortuga Backpacks for sponsoring today’s episode! Zero To Travel Podcast listeners get 10% off (use promo code ‘travel’ at check out). Make a purchase through the end of the year, and one lucky winner will score an awesome prize package ($50 gift card and some other goodies).

Now, let’s dive into today’s question…

What is the most powerful emotional tool you have and how can that help you in travel…..and in life?

You’ll Learn:

How to transition from working on the road
Different ways to land in one spot and have a ‘normal’ routine
Benefits of being a band tour manager
Why exploring a new opportunity could be just what you need
How to know when to move on from a job
Why being aware and making adjustments is key for growth
How to get out of a funk
How one positive event could change your life
Ways to overcome difficult journey’s (to feel like yourself again)
The magic pill for eliminating problems
And much more!

Resources Mentioned:

Tortuga Backpacks
World Domination Summit
The Five Minute Journal
Emilie Wapnick: Why some of us don’t have one true calling
The Language of Letting Go- Melody Beattie
The Untethered Soul- Michael Singer

Be sure to check out the archives for more Zero To Travel Podcasts!

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