Jetlag and Juice Boxes

Laura and her husband took off on a 14 month around the world backpacking trip that got them hooked on travel.

Then they decided to get married and had a son.

No more traveling right?


In this episode, Laura shares her thoughts on traveling and living abroad in Papua New Guinea with a little one in tow.

She crushes the myth that travel ends when family life begins…

Don’t have kids? You may want them someday, and since you’ll never stop loving travel you might as well give this a listen and see what’s possible.

At the end of the podcast, she also shares her inside tips on how to break into travel writing.

You’ll learn:

  • The best way to plan out time for your upcoming trip
  • How traveling with a kid is different but better in many ways
  • Why living in other cultures impacts you as a parent
  • The biggest challenge when traveling with a kid and how to cope
  • Laura’s take on immunizations
  • Advice on travel writing
  • How to pitch an article to get paid as a travel writer
  • The most important thing to review before submitting an article
  • And much more!

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