Travel With Intention And Be A Local Everywhere

If you want to travel with intention and learn to know the places you visit on a deeper level, give this show a listen.

Chris Yager, founder of Where There Be Dragons has helped thousands of students over 20+ years by providing experiential education programs in developing countries.

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In this show, Chris shares his one of a kind perspective on a variety of topics that will get you thinking, and may even change some of the ways you travel.  You’ll hear:

  • How travel can act as a tool for self-exploration
  • What the torvex is and why to avoid it
  • The right question to ask to seek out the secrets of any town, city or neighborhood
  • Where to go to get immersed in the local scene
  • How getting lost in a safe container can be an important strategy
  • Why local guides are such a great on the ground resource
  • Chris’ technique for meeting locals and getting invited over for dinner with strangers
  • The importance of choosing the right perspective when things go sour
  • How taking time off to travel can change your life
  • And so much more!

* photo courtesy of thomaswanhoff 


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