Travel Weirdness

What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen on a trip?

In this episode of the Zero To Travel podcast, you’ll hear all about travel weirdness, an interesting interpretation of hell, and different ways to get off the beaten path.

I’m bringing you a special guest at the top of the show.

And, you’ll hear from Chris Backe: The nomad travel blogger bringing you One Weird Globe– helping you discover weird and offbeat places when you are traveling.

Special thanks to Tortuga Backpacks. Listen to the podcast for the code to use at checkout for 10% off and a chance to win a $50-holiday package.

Listen in to Learn:

  • Is food in a tube weird?
  • Would Norway’s Russ fly in the USA?
  • How to save money living overseas
  • How to put more money into your awesome fund
  • How to define weird and offbeat (it’s all relative….)
  • Pro tips to find places and events on the weird side
  • Why a Buddhist hell temple is a kind of crazy
  • Actionable tips to go off the beaten path (not in any guide book)
  • Why learning a bit of the local language can be helpful
  • How some festival activities are NSFW
  • Recommended destinations for some weirdness (you can find weird places anywhere you go)
  • And Much more!

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