My Travel Tech Essentials : A Simple List

“It was just here a second ago!”

Panicked, I looked around the room trying to get a sense of who the thief was.

We’d been in Patagonia for nearly 2 months. Epic hikes, glaciers, multi-day treks, and countless outdoor adventures were our daily routine.

We’d captured some incredible things on film. Views, people and days spent in another world.

Now they were all gone.

It only took a second for the cat burglar to slip under my cube at the internet café and swipe the day pack gently resting next to my leg. I felt nothing.

Adios camera.

Along with all of our pictures.

That hurt.

“Anything but the camera man!”

Travel Tech Essentials For Minimalists

It comes as no surprise that my list of travel technology essentials starts off with a backup solution.

Crash Plan – The Ultimate Backup Solution

This service automatically backs my files up to the cloud for storage every time I’m connected to the Internet. It runs in the background and is barely noticeable. The first backup takes an eternity but after that it only backs up new files, including pictures☺


Extra storage, file sharing with others…it all works beautifully.

13 inch MacBook Pro – Computer

Sure, it’s unnecessary and ungodly expensive. But I work on my computer most day and I just enjoy the mac experience. Plus I use the machine for video editing, book creation and more. I’m not an apple geek per se, but I do love this damn machine.

iPhone 5 – Smartphone

Ok, maybe apple nerdery is part of my genetic code. I’m lucky because this is a paid phone through my freelance consulting work. Love the camera, the apps, audio recorder, notes and pretty much everything about it.

Panasonic Lumix – Digital Camera

One of those hybrid slr/point and shoot deals. Far from a photo pro, this camera has come the closest to making me look good consistently.


This is not digital support but good to include as a natural buddy to the camera. Use this handy tool for setting up pretty much any shot you want. Basically, this tripod kind of kicks ass.

Photo Enhancement Apps

My sis is a photo pro. She’s my go to on all things photography, which is why I immediately purchased this inexpensive app to improve my pictures.

Camera+ for photo editing

Make a few quick edits, post on instagram and you can share some pretty sweet visuals.


Reading is a huge part of my life. Having a library of books at my fingertips is indispensible. You can also download the kindle app to your smartphone and have your entire library in your pocket.

USB Jump Drive

For extra portable storage bring one of these along, you’ll never know when it’s needed.


If you’re using Hotmail, yahoo or anything else at this point get with the program. Gmail is where it’s at. Gmail for business allows you to have your own business email simply.

International Converters and Adapters

You need ‘em, enough said. I use this one.

Keeping Tech to a minimum

Spoiler alert:

There’s a moment in the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” where Sean Penn, who plays an adventure photographer, decides to not take what will become a world famous photo just so he can stay firmly and fully in the moment.

I can relate.

Technology can really get in the way.

Use it to enhance travel and provide much needed support, like keeping your photos and memories safe.

Leave all things digital behind whenever possible, you’ll be glad you did.

BTW, I didn’t lose ALL of my pictures from Patagonia. Here are a few sweet shots. If you love to be in the outdoors get down there for a visit!

siete lagos bike trip (2) Perito Moreno Glacier Trip (20) villarica volcano (17) P1010048 P1010113

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