Travel Podcast: Trekking Logistics 101, The 10 Essentials, What To Bring and More

Packing is an art unto itself, packing for an extended walking trip brings its own set of unique challenges.

If trekking, or multi-day hiking, is going to be part of your next trip then it’s good to come prepared.

But not, over-prepared.

This travel podcast episode will teach you the basic logistics surrounding trekking, what to expect and how just a few pieces of key gear can make the difference between life and death, or simply comfort and misery.

Remember the golden rule of packing: “If you forgot it, you can buy it.”


When you can’t!

Don’t let anything slip your mind, give this travel podcast a listen and you’ll learn:

  • How to pack when trekking is just a small part of this trip.
  • 3 reasons why trekking it so awesome
  • What to do with your other regular travel stuff when you’re on the trail
  • The #1 thing to consider when you are booking the place you stay before your trek
  • One simple thing that will keep everything dry when the rains sweep in
  • Why buying gear in the country when you arrive might be the best solution (and why it might not)
  • Which types of foods are the best to bring and why it doesn’t have to be expensive
  • My highly recommended strategy for preparing for your first trek
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