Start a Travel Event Photography Business

Do you dig photography?

What if you could get paid to shutter snap your way around the planet?

I’m very excited to bring you the very first session of the Zero To Travel podcast. This session we focus on turning your photography into a travel-based business.

We’re talking traveling event and commercial photography with pro photographer and creative live on-air host Ari Shapiro.

Get ready to take what you love, and mix in heaps of exotic travel because we are cooking up a delicious lifestyle that will put you out on the road with your lens in no time.

In this interview, Ari drops some serious knowledge nugs including:
  • Why it’s important to take pictures every day
  • How to turn your 5-9 passion into a 9-5 business
  • Why niches are so important in photography
  • Ideas for trading pictures for travel
  • Where to sell your pictures for profits right away
  • The difference between taking photos and making photos
  • How to make launching a photo business affordable without blowing crazy cash on expensive equipment
  • How to get started shooting at events all over the country
  • and much more…

Ari spent years as a traveling roadie in event marketing (which I’ll cover in another episode) and figured out how to break into photography. Now it’s your turn.

Resources from this session

Creative Live (education)
Kelby Training (education)
Lynda (education)
Alex Koloskov (advice)
Lens Rentals (equipment)
Borrow Lenses (equipment)
Paul Bannick (nature and bird photography)
Hoot Suite (manage social media)
Sell Media (WordPress plugin to help you sell your photos)
Smug Mug (store, share and sell photos)
Squarespace (build an inexpensive, nice looking website)
Chase Jarvis (inspiration, education, advice)

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