Top 10 Travel Wish List + How To Crush Your Bucket List

How can you totally crush your travel bucket list- starting right now?

Plus, a top 10 list you won’t want to miss…

Today my buddy Trav (from EPOP and Location Indie) joins the show as we each share our respective Top 5 Travel Wishes.

Give yourself space and time to dream up your current bucket list and put it in writing. Get back in touch with your travel soul and reconnect with your travel dreams. You can make it happen now!

Listen Now To Learn:

  • How to create a ‘big bang’ to bring your ideas to reality
  • How to get motivated (and move closer to your travel goals)
  • Why alternative reality type spaces are intriguing
  • A time when compromise is necessary
  • The best part of Location Independence
  • How to embrace the idea of enjoying yourself
  • Why the journey can be the best part (of a travel adventure)
  • How to open up more possibilities to see crazy stuff
  • 10 awesome travel wishes (what do you want to do?)
  • And so much more!


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