Jumping The Picket Fence and Thinking Big With Lydia Dean

“What can happen when you have the courage to let go of fear, follow your inner voice, and trust in something greater.”  Lydia Dean

Think about the surprising ‘places’ that travel can take you.

Today you are going to hear from an amazing woman who has not only designed her life around travel but has learned how to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems.  Please welcome Lydia Dean to the show!

She’s written a beautiful travel memoir, Jumping the Picket Fence, where she bares her soul and shares some ideas about how you can better serve the world. Also, she is the founder of GoPhilanthropic Travel and the co-founder of Gophilanthropic Foundation.

Tune in to hear her methodology, thought process, and the things she’s done to learn how to truly help others at a grassroots level.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to believe in something greater to fulfill your potential
  • Ways to take that first step (towards a meaningful life)
  • Why you should slow down and listen to yourself
  • How to truly understand what is needed out in the world
  • Ways the Gophilanthropic Foundation helps people understand their own power
  • The 3 step plan to make a true difference (in the world)
  • What it’s like traveling with a family and living abroad with children
  • One way to break down superficial barriers
  • And so much more


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Featured Image courtesy of @lydia_a_dean

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