The Only Woman To Walk Around The World: Inspiring Female Adventurers Series with Polly Letofsky

In today’s Zero To Travel Podcast, I’m bringing you a new series: Inspiring Female Adventurers.

In this series, I give the ladies some props and share some amazing things they are doing out in the world.

Whether it is an adventure, exploring cultures, overcoming challenges, or just seeing the world, there is something to learn from these amazing female travelers.

Today’s guest walked for 5 years straight, through 4 continents, 22 countries, and over 14,000 miles. Her journey was a mission to bring global awareness to breast cancer.

The first woman ever to walk around the world: Polly Letofsky. Read her book 3MPH: The Adventure of One Woman’s Walk Around the World, and learn all about Polly here.

A special thank you to Tortuga Backpacks for helping make today’s episode possible. Make sure you listen to this podcast to get your code for 10% off!

Listen to Learn:

  • How to deal with FOMO (can you guess what FOMO stands for?)
  • How to create clarity, creativity, and connectivity through walking
  • How many pairs of shoes you need to walk 14,000 miles
  • How to take the leap from an idea to actually start a journey
  • Why faith and trust in the world makes all the difference
  • How to handle Forrest Gump like status
  • The best ways to ‘train’ for a 5-year walk
  • Tips to show up and persevere (advice to do something big)
  • Ways to manage the ebb and flow of your emotions
  • Why walking is a great mode of travel
  • How certain sacrifices can lead to future growth
  • Practical tips on bringing big goals and dreams into reality
  • And much more!


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