“I Want To Teach English Abroad!” How To Get Started With Zero Experience

Have you ever said to yourself,

“I want to teach English abroad!”?

Now’s your chance to soak up 10 years of insider knowledge in one short podcast.

Even if you have already been an English teacher abroad, this session will help you learn how to discover the best job opportunities, negotiate better accommodations, earn higher pay and much more.

I was so excited to meet up with John Bursey while crashing at the Lotus Lodge, a sweet little Oasis of a hostel just outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

John has been teaching English all over the world for nearly 10 years, most recently in Cambodia.

In under 30 minutes, John provides a ridiculous amount of hard-earned knowledge and practical advice teaching you the essentials of not only getting a job teaching English but how to find the best ones.

Seriously, give this show a listen. It will save you a tremendous amount of time on research, eliminate years of mistakes and guide you to the perfect job teaching English abroad, even if you have zero experience.

In this session you’ll learn:
  • Why just getting started in the most important thing you can do
  • Where you can teach English abroad with no experience
  • How to get a teaching job in Cambodia within 2 weeks as John did
  • How to present yourself on your resume to increase your chances of finding work
  • Why deciding your goals beforehand is vitally important
  • How far in advance to start planning if you are lining up a job
  • Why researching certain visas is critical and the timelines you must be aware of
  • What questions to ask schools during your phone interview
  • A variety of key questions to ask that can set you up for a great experience and job
  • How to negotiate a better salary and place to live
  • Why speaking to a foreign teacher at each school you apply to is the #1 thing you should do
  • Why this may be the worst job in the world for some people (a good thing to learn before committing!)
  • How to earn income on the side
  • And heaps more….


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