Epic Treks: Tramping New Zealand’s Te Araroa Trail

Walking 3000km along the Te Araroa may be the grandest adventure that New Zealand has to offer.

What’s it like to walk across the entire country?

Experienced thru-hiker Mike Vacek shares his story, and what it is like to live life on the trail.

Mike is also part of a small percentage of hikers who have completed the triple crown, the big 3 distance trails in the USA. He’s also walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain and countless other trails.

In this exciting travel podcast interview you’ll learn:

  • What it’s like to hike the entire Te Araroa trail
  • Preparing for the walk and what to expect on the ground
  • Why the Te Araroa may not be the best option for beginner distance hikers
  • How you can set up your life to make time for a month-long trek
  • Why these hikes help Mike land better jobs
  • Which epic trails are doable for beginner’s and more seasoned veterans
  • Wilderness treks vs. trails that run through towns and villages
  • And so much more!

Resources from the show

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