Solo Road Tripping

What do you think about solo road tripping?

Yes, you’ll hear about road trippin’ again, but it’s that time of year! So get ready and strap in…

My guest today is going to give you the goods on solo road tripping. She just finished a 2+ month-long solo road trip across the USA and back to California! Congratulations Katie Doherty.

Today you’ll hear all about:

  • Road tripping by yourself
  • How to use new media and dating apps to help fund your travels
  • Photography
  • Unexpectedly great things to see in the USA
  • How to earn money while traveling
  • And just a hodgepodge of various topics around road trips

Find out about Katie’s work and check out her photography at LA ROUSSE PHOTO.

Zero To Travel podcast Solo Road Tripping

Listen Now To Learn:

  • How to make a solo road trip happen
  • Ways to live on your own schedule and your own terms
  • A great way to connect with locals
  • How to easily record money spent on gas, hours driven, and miles driven
  • How to make money while you sleep
  • Tools used to run a successful eCommerce business
  • Why solo road tripping is safe
  • And tons more!


Zero To Travel podcast Solo Road Tripping

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Photos courtesy of LA ROUSSE PHOTO

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