Social Entrepreneurship and Life Out of the Box

Quinn and Jonathon were stuck in their cubicles in California discussing dreams of social entrepreneurship and adventure.

Slowly, they hatched a plan for this new life that involved not only travel but a business that could help others.

One day they took action, quit their jobs, bought a one-way ticket to Nicaragua and began their journey to create something meaningful.

Now, they are able to earn a living, travel their asses off AND most importantly, help kids in developing countries get school supplies.

Does it get any better than that? 

In this engaging podcast interview, they share their incredible story.

Are you ready to get insanely inspired?

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In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • What it takes to leave a job and start a social venture
  • How Quinn and Jonathon figured out what they wanted to do and how you can too
  • Why the “Fail Fast” method is so critical to your success
  • What happens when you share your goals
  • Why they choose a for-profit vs non-profit type of venture
  • How indefinite travel can lead you down unexpected paths
  • What their biggest mistake was
  • Why they choose to create physical products
  • The importance of curiosity
  • And so much more!…

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