Hidden Paths and Sacred Rides with Mike Brcic

Would you like to go on some sacred rides?

And when is having no plan, the best plan?!

Tune in to hear about off the beaten track mountain biking spots around the world, social entrepreneurship, the value of becoming a ski bum (or just any kind of bum– bumming around doing something you love), and how that can actually turn (perhaps inadvertently) into a career.

My guest today is the founder of Sacred Rides mountain bike adventures which was ranked as the #1 mountain bike tour company on earth according to National Geographic Adventure magazine. He also runs the nonprofit Bikes Without Borders and mentors social entrepreneurs who seek to change the world through business. Please welcome Mike Brcic to the show.

You’ll Learn:

  • How being a terrible employee can actually help you
  • Why finding your own path is important for personal happiness
  • The essence of a lifestyle business
  • How to build a business around your passion
  • The most important quality for success
  • How Sacred Rides operates around the world (and helps locals)
  • Advice for people looking to start their own travel or adventure biz
  • How to set yourself up for travel and new adventures


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