Debt To Travel + The RV Lifestyle

Have you ever thought about living the RV lifestyle?

How do you go from debt to travel?

Today you’ll get the goods on the RV lifestyle and how to sustain it!

My buddy Heath Padgett stops by to share his story how he and his wife quit their office jobs, bought an RV, and planned a trip to all 50 states. Along the way, they discovered they didn’t want their full-time travel lifestyle to end and wanted to find a way to keep traveling indefinitely. Now they are doing it and also teach others how to live the full-time travel life in an RV.

Plus, you’ll get some strategies and advice on how to get out of debt and go from debt to travel.

Listen Now To Learn:

  • Why choose the RV lifestyle
  • How to work a job in all 50 states
  • How to connect with the places you are visiting (in a totally different way)
  • One of the biggest benefits of travel
  • Ways to get immersed in the RV lifestyle
  • How to make a living while exploring and traveling the country
  • The Pros and Cons of RV livin’
  • How to feel close to home wherever you are
  • The real costs associated with the RV lifestyle
  • Ways to save a ton of money while living in an RV
  • How you can make money on the road in an RV
  • A fun debt elimination strategy
  • And so much more!


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