How To Crush Your Pre-Trip Anxiety

Let’s face it, we can all get a bit stressed out before a trip, I’m certainly no stranger to pre-trip anxiety.

I don’t speak the language!
What will happen when I arrive in a foreign country?
Where will I stay?
What should I do about my money?
What if I do something that makes me look stupid?
And on and on…

In this episode, I share some common anxieties and things you can do to take away the worry. Practical tips are fairly straight forward but here we dive deep and discuss how to deal with your brain when it comes to stressing out about travel.

Listen to the show now:

You’ll learn:

  • How to shift your mindset to eliminate pre-trip stress
  • What to prepare for when you arrive in a new country
  • Why acknowledging you will have issues while traveling is so important
  • What to do when you show up anywhere with no money
  • How to deal with language and communication issues
  • When to book accommodations in advance
  • Why worrying about your ‘stuff’ is overrated
  • The best luggage storage solutions on the road
  • And much more!…

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