Where Passion Meets Travel with Tim Wendelboe

Want to hear how Tim Wendelboe blended his passion with travel?

Travel can, of course, lead to the discovery of new passions and new pursuits. But for others, it’s their passions that lead to them to a life of travel. What will it be for you?

Today you’ll hear from one of the world’s best coffee barista’s, Tim Wendelboe. Tim is a well known and highly respected coffee expert – he’s won many prestigious awards in the coffee world…..including World Barista Champion in 2004, World Cup Tasting Champion in 2005, and winner of the Nordic Roasting Title 3 years running.

If you are ever in Oslo, Norway, you have to pay a visit to his espresso bar.

Tune In To Learn:

  • How your passion can inspire others
  • Where to have one of the best coffee experiences
  • The best way to find awesome local food and drink
  • The biggest coffee consumer in Norway
  • Advice to have less stress at your current job
  • How to be rewarded for your hard work
  • How you can truly help coffee farmers
  • Ways to create a community in your workplace
  • And so much more!


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