Overcoming an Existential Crisis while Traveling – with Jade Heilmann : Zero To Travel Podcast

What do you do when you don’t feel like traveling anymore while you’re on the road? And what do you do when you’re hit by a series of crises that have you feeling like you’re living in a nightmare?

In this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, I talk to Jade Heilmann from We Travel and Blog about the crises her and her husband Gabriel have had to overcome while on the road.

You’ll learn:

What to do if you get sick of traveling while you’re on the road
How Jade started traveling
Why Jade and Gabriel decided to get a van and how much it cost
The problems they had to overcome with the van
What you give up when you travel this way
The reasons for and purpose behind their trip
Jade’s eclectic background and why she hasn’t been able to decide on a career
Why blogging suits Jade
The terrible things that happened that led to them feeling like they were living in a nightmare
Why they questioned whether or not they should be blogging
The main downfalls of the travel industry
The dark reality of living on the road
How they find balance on the road
Why you should think twice before starting a business while you’re traveling
The problems young travelers can cause by playing in other countries
Tips for conscious and sustainable travel
Her advice for those who want to learn to surf
Her tips for traveling in Baja
The importance of crisis

Resources Mentioned

We Travel and Blog

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