The Other Side Of Budget Travel : Train Hopping, Gatherings, And More With Wanderpunk Matt Derrick

There is a more hardcore side to budget travel that the guidebooks don’t cover where activities like train hopping, punk sailing, rubber tramping, dumpster diving, and squatting are the norm.

Matt Derrick, wanderpunk and founder of Squat The Planet, has done it all.

In this adrenaline-packed episode, you’ll hear Matt’s incredible stories, plus actionable tips that will open your eyes to a new side of budget travel.

“I don’t really look at my self generally as ‘homeless’, I like to describe myself as ‘home free’. I’m doing this intentionally.”
– Matt Derrick

Hit play now and discover:

  • Why dumpster diving isn’t as bad as it sounds
  • How Matt almost died train hopping
  • What intentional communities and gatherings are
  • Matt’s #1 budget travel tip that can work for any style of traveler
  • An inside look at hitchhiking across the USA
  • What it’s like living on a boat for six months
  • What rubber tramping
  • And much more!

Some pictures from Matt’s adventures

Matt Derrick Smoking a Cigar

Train Hopping Matt Derrick Drinking

Resources from the show

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