6th Annual Norwegian Christmas Spectacular: Celebrating Christmas In Norway

Are you ready for the 6th Annual Norwegian Christmas Spectacular?

Well, it’s here!

Today you’ll hear all about celebrating Christmas in Norway:

  • When Is It Too Early To Start Decorating
  • Favorite Christmas Decorations
  • Traditional Movies To Watch During Christmas
  • Picking The Tree Traditions: Norway vs the USA
  • Food Traditions (& Prizes) in Denmark & Norway
  • When Does Christmas Truly Begin?
  • And so much more!

What is your favorite Christmas album? What are your Christmas debates regarding decorations? When does Christmas begin for you? Are there any traditions you heard that you want to try yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

Appreciate your traditions as if you are a traveler seeing and experiencing them for the first time. Even if you are home, take a fresh look at your traditions and truly appreciate and enjoy them.

Have a wonderful Holiday wherever you are!

Zero To Travel podcast 6th Annual Norwegian Christmas Spectacular: Celebrating Christmas In Norway

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