How To See The Northern Lights In Norway

Have you ever wondered how to see the Northern Lights in Norway?

Are the Northern Lights on your bucket list?

Tune in today to hear how you can do it affordably in a notoriously expensive Scandinavian country and when and where should you go.

My friend and fellow ex-pat, David Nickel, stops by to give you the inside scoop on the Norwegian Northern Lights phenomenon. David is a travel journalist and author of several books, including the new Moon Guidebook to Norway.

Be sure to check out the Norway Northern Lights in the video below.

You’ll Learn:

  • The number one thing that is not on any pre-trip travel checklist that should be
  • The best way to create a deeper connection to a place and it’s people
  • One key element to integrate into the Norwegian experience
  • Best piece of advice to learn about local customs (when moving to a new country)
  • A detailed description of the Northern Lights
  • Typical ways you can arrange a Norwegian Northern Lights experience
  • The reality of writing a guide book about a country
  • Plus so much more!


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