Nomad On A Wire: The Delicate Balance of Travel and Work: Zero To Travel Podcast

Is the digital nomad lifestyle for you?

Can you really get work done away from your home?

In this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, you’ll hear from Matt Giovanisci about what it’s like to take your business on the road for the first time.

Matt is a video and podcasting whiz, public speaker, rapper and beat maker, runs multiple online businesses, and hosts driven, a podcast for driven entrepreneurs and more.

You’ll hear his first hand unique take on location independence.

And you’ll get yet another Pack Hack from Fred at Tortuga Backpacks. Helping you bring everything you need without checking a bag!

Take a listen to learn:

Why getting yelled at on the road can be fun
How to find that ‘sweet spot’ when packing
How your first travel experience can change your life
How to overcome your fear of traveling and working
The best strategies to find a home base for a period of time
How to easily ‘up’ your lifestyle
Simple steps to create a different life
Tips for working on the road for the first time
The most helpful thing you can ever do for your business
And much more!


The Tiny House
Location Indie
Tortuga Backpacks
Swim University
Roasty Coffee
The 4 Hour Work Week
The Lean Start Up
Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula
Art To Self

Don’t forget!  Zero To Travel listeners get 10% off at Tortuga backpacks. Be sure to use promo code ‘Travel’ at check out.

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