How Anyone Can Write A Book + Post-Career Nomad Life with Azul Terronez

Have you ever had the desire to write a book?

How can you merge the wisdom you acquire during your travels with the present moment?

Today you are going to hear all about these topics and of course long term travel. And for the last episode of location independence month, you are going to hear what it is like to leave a long career and enter into the digital nomad lifestyle (after being settled for a while).

And who better to learn from than Azul Terronez! He is a book coach who helps new and experienced authors alike find a vision for their book. You’ll hear a breakdown of the entire process and learn about the actionable steps to make it a reality; you might be shocked to discover it is not as hard as you think…

Azul is also a digital nomad who has been living around for quite some time. Check out his work at Coach Azul.

Tune In To Learn:

  • The biggest myth around book writing
  • Simple exercise to get clarity (to figure out what you want to write about)
  • Best way to create a habit of writing
  • Ways to be freer as an author
  • Where to find your editor (you’ll need someone)
  • How to take the pressure off creating your first book
  • What is the 2 suitcase challenge
  • How to re-invent yourself
  • And so much more!


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