Is This The New American Dream?

What is the new American dream?

Is it to sell everything and hit the road for a life of full-time travel?

Well, tune in today to hear from Bryanna who’s family has done just that! She and her husband Craig sold their 3000sq ft house and pretty much everything in it- to travel the USA and live full time in an RV (with 4 kids and 2 dogs!).

You’ll hear about the adjustments that had to be made and how they were able to create their new American dream.

Plus get a behind the curtain look at their RV life on the road at Crazy Family Adventure!

Listen Now To Learn:

  • How to truly downsize and change your life
  • The best way to determine if you can live in an RV full time
  • Why going public with your dreams will help make them happen
  • How to see that your new American dream is possible
  • How to deepen your family bond through travel
  • The challenges of moving from 3000sq ft to 400sq ft
  • How to afford the full-time travel RV lifestyle
  • The benefits of radical unschooling
  • How to make good friends while on the road
  • How to feel like you are not totally crazy
  • And much more!


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